How to Get a National Insurance Card – 2022

National Insurance Card – you sentient and undertaking in the United Kingdom, you’ll show off a National Insurance (NI) number. This number ensures that the taxes you pay throughout the year are recorded neighboring to your declaration. The number consists of 2 letters, 6 numbers, and 1 letter at the subside (e.g., AC654321C). If you didn’t get your hands on an NI number automatically, you just have to call HM Revenue and Customs (the department liable for collecting taxes) to apply for one. There are moreover a few every second ways you can easily right to use your number if you lose it. Note that your NI number is no longer printed concerning a doling out-issued card, therefore be unlimited to write it all along and accretion it in an affix place!

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Applying for a Number

1- Make certain you meet the National Insurance UK residency requirements.

To apply for an NI number, you habit to be conscious in the United Kingdom, considering a UK phone number and a UK domicile. You will compulsion to apply for a number if you plan to every option to the UK for behaving or studious and throbbing to sworn publication tax assistance.

  • Your NI number serves to tie your National Insurance contributions and tax payments to you specifically. Your number is hence uniquely assigned to your reveal.
  • If you were born in the UK or have resided there as a child, you will normally make a get your hands on of an NI number in the mail automatically in the 3 months past your 16th birthday.
2- Check your dwelling publicize to see if you already have an NI number.

If you vis-a-vis then to the UK, you may already have been solid an NI number as a portion of your application for the right to live in the country. Look coarsely the by now of your biometric on fire let (BRP) to see if your NI number is printed there.

  • If an NI number is not printed regarding your BRP, understandably call the application phone number to begin the process of receiving one.
3- Call the NI number application heritage and schedule an interview – National Insurance Card

After you call the application phone number, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will send you a letter inviting you to an in-person interview. The interviewer will ask you just about your vigorous and vibrant circumstances and nearly why you compulsion an NI number.

  • The application phone number is 0800 141 2075. There is as well as a Welsh language phone number you can call, which is: 0800 141 2349.
  • The matter hours for the application phone number are Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.
  • The interview will be held at a Jobcentre Plus office. Your letter will say where specifically your interview will be held.

4- Bring documents that prove your identity to the interview.

The letter you realize from DWP will specify what types of documents can be used to prove your identity. Some examples of documents you could bring totaling happening:

  • Passport or identity card
  • Residence confirm
  • Birth or adoption endorse
  • Marriage or civil partnership recognize
  • Driving license
Tip fo National Insurance Card:

Once you’ve been tribute your NI number, it’s a colossal idea to write it regarding a small fragment of paper or plastic card as an outcome you can save it in your wallet or purse at all times.

5- Include an NI number application if you coarsely applying for student loans.

The Student Loans Company can arrange for you to get a grip of an NI number if you don’t have one already. Make determined you check the crate in the region of your application indicating that you don’t have an NI number to understand one as a share of your student revise forward to reply.

  • This method is a much easier quirk to apply for an NI number than calling the application phone number and waiting for a DWP letter.
  • You’ll probably be required to attend an “evidence of identity” interview as part of this process.

Retrieving a Lost Number

1- Look online going concerning the subject of for the subject of your personal tax account for your NI number.

The HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) website include a variety of relevant recommendations nearly you upon your personal tax account. Visit the UK paperwork website’s personal tax account page to log in to your account and view your NI number.

  • The URL for this website page is You will quirk to have enough money for your fan ID for the site or make one if you have the subject of speaking accessing it for the first time.
  • In add-on to your NI number, your personal tax account moreover includes recommendations later your Income Tax Estimate, your tax credits, your State Pension, and tax forms that you’ve submitted online. –  National Insurance Card
2- Check primordial tax documents, if you have copies lying in the region of.

Read through letters you’ve conventional from HMRC approximately tax, pensions, or further. There’s a satisfying unintentional these letters will partner your NI number along behind the stop of your personal insinuation.

  • The number will be listed concerning the upper left side of the letter, adjoining “NI Number.” It should be directly above the phrase “Dear (Your Name).”
3- Look vis–vis your old payslips or P60s for your NI number.

Most credited documents you get your hands on from your employer will append your NI number. If you don’t have your early payslips, admittance your employer and ask them if they can pay for you a copy of your most recent payslip.

  • Your NI number should be located somewhere close to your make known and new personal information concerning the order of these documents.
  • Your P60 is a proclamation your employer issues to you at the fade away of the tax year that proves you’ve paid taxes throughout the year.
4- Request the HMRC to send you your number if you can’t locate it yourself.

Call the HMRC phone number to have them send you a letter containing your NI number. The letter will come within 15 functioning days.

  • The phone number to call is 0300 200 3500.
  • The HMRC phone number is sprightly Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, and around Saturdays from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

HMRC is not allowed to find the child support for you your NI number well along than the phone. This is why they have to send it to you in the mail.

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